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With over 20 years’ experience, ValuPlus is the go-to merchants’ advocate to access ideal payment processing solutions.

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With extensive, long-standing, premier relationships and comprehensive solutions, ValuPlus is the industry expert and the place to get the best payment processing has to offer. Not just in solutions, but in exceptional service. We’re here for you, every step of the way, guiding you in choosing and utilizing the right solutions and technology to meet your goals.

Zero Fees Processing

A surprising way qualified businesses can forgo paying most credit card processing fees.

Cash Discounting empowers you to pass processing fees to cardholders at the point-of-sale and immediately recover significant expenses.

Industries Benefiting: Government, Utility, Medical, Wholesalers, Manufacturing, Apartment Rentals, Petroleum, and more. Most businesses achieve significant financial benefits from this alternative payment solution.

Projected Savings

It is typical for businesses to save about $3,500 for every $100,000 in credit card payments received. For a business processing this monthly, the savings is $41,520 annually. This offers a remarkable financial benefit opportunity for owners, creating additional cash flow. Imagine limiting credit card fees to nearly zero fees.

Simple Program Guidelines to Qualify

  • Merchant savings available on Visa, MasterCard,  Discover and American Express credit card transactions
  • Program disclosure signage must be located by each register
  • Processor must approve program participation
  • Specific certified hardware and software is required to participate

Contact us to find out if your business qualifies, or for more information at 303-753-0833, Opt 1, or ContactUs@ValuPlus.us.

Point-of-Sale Systems

State of the art tablet and cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) systems that grow with you in today’s world. It matters whom you buy your tablet POS from and ValuPlus offers expert hands-on and ambient service right from the start. Our customers gain total confidence in our complete value solutions.

Choose between three of the top five rated high tech tablet systems.

Bluume All-in-One Point-of-Sale Powered by iMobile3

All-in-One, cloud-based, streamlined tablet technology systems that can do nearly everything you would need to operate, manage and grow your business. It is easy to upgrade low tech cash registers, standalone credit card terminals, employee time clocks and dated reporting systems; for not much more than the cost of a countertop credit card machine. Advance your business operations quickly with one small, cost effective, simple point-of-sale system.

iMoblie3 offers a feature rich and modern tablet solution perfect for any business environment. Everyone likes how easy it is to operate this system.


The Clover’s powerful ‘super app store’ based platform allows it to track and process sales, view inventory, track revenues, manage employees, and view reports; among its other limitless possibilities.

The app store is full of applications for businesses that can be added to the tablet to build the perfect unique point-of-sale management system for your business. 

Specialized Applications: Quick Service Restaurants, Full Service Restaurants, Retail, Salons

Cloud-based system updates automatically without the anxiety and extra expense older legacy systems require to update operating systems. Maximize your business potential with this cutting-edge app-based tablet cash register system.

Mobile Solutions

Flex solutions with the latest integrated chip card reader technology, ergonomic design and easy to use, swipe, tap, sign and pin entry. All-in–one devices come with built in capabilities to help serve your customers better—whether at the counter, in a line, at the table, outdoors, or in a salon chair. Basic application inventory management and scheduling technology options available.

NCR Silver Quantum

NCR Silver is a legacy system built around simplicity and ease of use for all types of businesses—from food truck operator to a multi-site retailer. Stay operational even if the Internet is down. Allows the flexibility to choose the best operating system and hardware devices that work for your business.

Wholesale Merchant Services

Our solutions are both transparent and well designed. Our rates are among the lowest in the wholesale industry. Even though interchange may fluctuate, we do not increase any of the other rate components. Merchants receive the savings we quote.

ValuPlus utilizes an advanced skillset in its Technology-made-easy solutions. For instance, if your business accepts corporate, business and purchasing cards we can provide you with the technology to qualify for the lowest enhanced data rates. Intelligently designed systems that meet critical data requirements create extraordinary interchange savings for exceeding industry standards.

Contact us to find out if your business qualifies, or for more information at 303-753-0833, Opt 1, or ContactUs@ValuPlus.us.

Welcome to the ValuPlus Family!

We are committed to ethical and fair industry practices that surpass the industry norm: ValuPlus for twenty years has been an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau. As a member of the ValuPlus family, every person is valued and appreciated. Our goal is to work for you, to resolve any requests with the highest level of responsiveness and diligence via 24/7 help desk, local responsive telephone, personalized service and state-of-the-art online reporting.